We offer whole package for your Brand for Underwear, Swimwear and Sportswear.

Our minimums to manufacture your Brand are:

MINIMUM QUANTITIES PER STYLE: There are two options:

- 90 or more units per style (For example: Style 1: S = 20 – M = 30 – L = 20 – XL = 20)

- 45 units per style (If you select to make 45 units per style you must use the same fabric in 2 of the styles (For Example: Style 1 = S = 10 – M = 15 – L = 10 – XL = 10)


If you are interested in underwear with the name of your Brand sewed on the waistband, there is a limitation; our supplier only makes a minimum of 4000 meters per brand (it can be in different colors). With this quantity of waistband we can manufacture and average of 4500 units of underwear.

To help our customers with this matter we have a solution: You invest by buying the4000 meters of waistband with the name and logo of your brand (if you decide we can store it in our warehouse or we can send it to you with the first production). Every time you order further productions we can use the remaining of it until we run out of it. For example we can manufacture 540 units and use 490 meters of this waistband.

The cost of the waistband we will deduct it from the final price of the boxer (For example: If the average cost of a boxer is USD6, we will deduct from it the cost of the waistband you bought)

If you decide to order 4500 units on your first production, there is no need to invest to buy the waistband. In the cost of the boxer we will include the cost of the waistband.