Men’s fashion trends for 2023

Fashion travels on the train of the future. Although 2023 started just a few days ago, we have known for months what the trends of the year are going to be, at least for the spring-summer season, for which there are still a couple of months to go.

This is because the format of the two annual catwalks is maintained despite the fact that it seems clear that fashion is becoming less seasonal and less short term due to sustainability and change of mentality in society, especially among the youngest, traditionally the most attached to trends.

We will have to see what comes to the street with more force of all that the designers of the moment proposed to us for the summer period this year, but this was the highlight of what they told us.

1. Y2K Pants
This is the name of the low-waisted and very wide pants, which are already a trend in women's closets. They have been so throughout 2022, in fact, but it seemed that in men's fashion these straight and wide designs from the decade of the 2000s, when it became fashionable to show off branded underpants, did not quite fit.

Low-waisted pants will be worn, but remember that it's not the same as putting your pants halfway down your underwear as you did back then if you were a teenager. You know that if you're wearing something from the two thousand, to get it right, just bring back David Beckham looks from back then.

2.The necktie
After more than a decade in which it has been the center of criticism from a majority of the younger part of society for its link with political and economic power, the tie is definitely back. And it does so in a renewed way, not only as an ideal option to accompany your new suits, but also as an accessory capable of fitting into a casual style.

The new generations of designers have been able to give it a much more relaxed and informal touch, a transformation that the trendiest have already taken to the street style this fall. In 2023 it will no longer be so strange to see a look with sneakers topped off with a tie.

3. Denim on denim
100% denim or 'denim on denim', as the fashion experts say. If the 2000s are the decade that rules, denim has to be the main protagonist. It was at that time, when looks that combined garments designed in this fabric were worn - how can we forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's coordination of styles at an awards ceremony - and it will be in 2023.

With updated silhouettes and cuts, of course, but all in denim and, of course, in the same color. The latter is the differential detail because we have been combining denim garments of different colors for a few years now, with the 90s as inspiration.

4. Cargo pants
These pants are still one of the biggest trends of the moment, inspired by working fashion, in the uniforms of so many trades that need large pockets in their work pants to store all kinds of objects.

They have been worn straight and relatively baggy during 2022, but in 2023 they will be even wider, supported by the YK2 trouser trend. Plus, you're going to wear them with everything, even shoes or ankle boots and a blazer. Cargo pants will no longer be very casual pants, but will move into the realm of casual.

5. Wide suits
The trend in tailoring is to accentuate what was already being worn in recent seasons. Beyond the style of the suit, although double-breasted blazers continue to dominate, the key differentiating factor in 2023 is centered on the lines. Especially the pants, which, following the YK2 trend, also widen to the point of almost losing their shape.

What does not change is the waistline, which does not drop as it does for casual pants. The blazers, meanwhile, are loose and comfortable, away from the waist, with a lot of volume, like the pants. This makes the 2023 suit a great fit for casual contexts.


6.Shoes with volume
If you thought that in 2022 shoe designers had reached their limit with the trend of adding volume to all types of shoes, you were wrong. In 2023, the volume is even more accentuated in loafers and chelsea boots, perhaps the two styles that have adapted the most and best to this taste for adding volume from thick soles track type.

Do not hesitate, if you have not yet joined this trend because you thought it was going to be temporary, get a pair of very voluminous shoes because in 2023 they will be the ones you will wear the most.

7.Vegetable prints
In terms of colors, which this spring summer will be so vivid that we will see again the fluorine tones, for example, the highlight of the catwalk was the explosion of nature that we saw in the form of prints.

After a few years in which geometric and abstract designs have been imposed on garments such as short-sleeved shirts, nature once again claims its place of privilege in the closet.

8.Tracksuit jackets with zipper
Sweatshirts have been the sportswear par excellence in recent years, and extending this trend, we would say that it has been the two matching pieces formed by straight cotton sweatpants and matching hoodie. In the same color. The athleisure trend of 2023 is that we will look back to the 2000s by bringing back the zippered tracksuit jackets, a garment that we also wore with jeans back then. Remember? If you have a retro design lying around in good condition, although you know that garments are updated when they become fashionable again, it's time to recover it. These will take center stage in your closet along with technical waterproof jackets, another mountain sport garment that conquers the urban terrain.

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