Our brand “GIGO UNDERWEAR”, has been in the market for 10 years, in which it has garnered great international recognition and has been able to participate in the main fairs of the underwear market worldwide.


We are pioneers in Colombia of the “Fashion underwear” segment, which we create in order to impose a unique style in the fashion of masculine underwear, where first not only the functional but also the aesthetic, proposing garments of interior use, designed for Show. To achieve this we mix key elements within our fashion proposal; A touch of youth and daring; Another touch of beauty and aesthetics, taking into account trends and vanguards of fashion; and a final touch of fun and colourful; Thus achieving a style capable of highlighting the beauty and shape of the human body, to highlight the interior energy of our customers.



As part of our social development, we provide employment to a group of mother heads of households, thus offering dignified working conditions and job stability; In addition to direct jobs, we also care about using inputs and raw materials made in our country, seeking that the productive chain of the elaboration of our garments is actually 100% Colombian (we provide indirect employment using suppliers Colombians).



We are ZIG ZAG S.A.S. a 100% Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of male and female underwear under the trademark GIGO underwear.

We currently have more than 10 years of experience in the market, both nationally and internationally, working day by day to become one of the most outstanding companies in the textile manufacturing sector, specifically underwear, swimsuits and sportswear.