An electronic payment platform that uses C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) to process online transactions generated in the virtual shop with the forms of payment enabled for this purpose.

In C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) virtual shop, you can make your payment using Paypal, or approaching a point of Western Union anywhere in the world.

To protect your data C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) delegates in Paypal capture the sensitive information. Our payment platform complies with the standards required by the international standard PCI DSS security in credit card transactions. Also has certificate of security SSL, which ensures communications safe through the encryption of all data from and towards the site; in this way you can feel safe at the time of entering the information of your card.

During the payment process, the browser shows the name of the authenticated organization, the authority who certifies it. These features are visible immediately, giving guarantee and confidence to complete the transaction in Paypal.

Yes, CI. I ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. can make your shopping online during 7 days of the week, the 24 hours of the day and only at one click’s distance.

If you have not completed your payment, you can return to the initial step and choose the form of payment you prefer. Once the purchase is done, it is not possible to change the form of payment.

No, electronic payments made through Paypal do not generate additional costs for the buyer.

In first instance you must check if you received a confirmation mail of the payment in your e-mail (the one you registered in the moment of making the payment), in case you did not receive it, you must contact C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR) to confirm the State of the transaction.

By each transaction approved through Paypal, you will receive a proof of the payment with the reference of purchase in e-mail address that you entered at the time of paying. If you do not receive it, you can contact C.I. ZIGZAG WEAR S.A.S. (GIGO UNDERWEAR AND SWIMWEAR).